• This is an Adults Only gym. You must be 18 or older to enter or join the facility. No children in the lobby, please.
  • Applicants may be asked for ID to verify their age and address.
  • We ask that all of our customers park in the spaces in front of Homegrown Fitness to be respectful of neighboring businesses and their customers.
  • All memberships and services will require a form of payment to be kept on file.
  • If you have the flu, cold, or any other contagious illness, please do NOT attend the facility or any of its classes.
  • NO dirty shoes or boots may be worn in the gym. Please be courteous and change into clean shoes before entering.
  • Bare feet, socks only, hiking/work boots, or sandals are NOT permitted on the gym floor during workouts.
  • Proper gym attire must be worn while working out.
  • Headphones must be worn when playing music or videos from any personal device.
  • Personal gym equipment is not permitted inside the gym unless you prefer to bring your own mat during your workout.
  • Other than protein bars, water bottles, sports drinks, or any items sold in our boutique, NO food or beverages are allowed in the facility.
  • No guests or members may use the gym without first meeting with our front desk associate to sign a waiver, receive a full tour of the facility, and purchase a pass.
  • Members are not allowed to train clients for hire in the gym.
  • To purchase products from our boutique during non-staffed hours, a retail register will be available to record your selection and a staff member will apply your purchase to your account when they return. This will be based on the honor system (but you’re still on camera!) so please be respectful.
  • Please do NOT drop or slam the weights on the floor (out of respect for Massage and Assisted Stretching clients and with the exception of slam balls). Red Silencer Pads are provided for heavier lifts in the Strength Training Room.
  • Please sanitize ALL equipment after use with the sanitizing solution and clothes provided on carts and dispose of them in the appropriate bins when finished. You will be notified by staff if failure to do so.
  • Please return ALL equipment to its proper place after use. You will be notified by staff if failure to do so.
  • Sweat Towel service is included with your membership. Please limit use to one per visit and deposit your dirty sweat towel in the appropriate bin when finished.
  • Those on membership may arrive any time before their scheduled classes or training sessions.
  • All clients should not attempt to enter the training room for classes or appointments sooner than their scheduled start time as the instructor or trainer will need adequate time to clean and reset the room.
  • Please be courteous to our staff and exit your class or training session in a timely fashion when the appointment has ended.
  • The Training Room (the large back room where classes and private training sessions are held) is NOT for member use outside of classes or private training sessions. You may not borrow equipment from this room under any condition unless instructed by staff to do so.
  • All internal gym processes and records are confidential.
  • We reserve the right to revoke your membership without refund or reason and for violation of these policies or any other disagreeable behavior.

Shower Use Policy

Our gym is designed to provide a range of fitness services to our members. We welcome all members who wish to use our facilities for their intended purposes, but we ask that everyone respect our policies and not take advantage of gym resources. Specifically, we want to ensure that the showers in our locker rooms are available for our members who have worked up a sweat during their workouts and need to clean up before leaving the gym. To that end, we have the following policies in place:

  • Shower use is reserved for active gym members who are using our facilities for fitness purposes.
  • Memberships cannot be used for the sole purpose of using showers. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel memberships that we believe are not being used for their intended purposes.
  • Members are expected to be respectful of other gym-goers and limit their shower use to a reasonable amount of time (no longer than 30 minutes).
  • Bath mats are included with your membership, but shower towels are not. Please limit use to one per visit and deposit your dirty bath mat in the appropriate bin when finished.

Background Check Policy

  • At our gym, the safety and well-being of our members are our top priority. To ensure that our gym is a safe environment for all of our members, we perform background checks on all new members, as needed. Our background check policy is designed to identify individuals who may pose a risk to the safety and security of our gym and its members.
  • All new members are required to provide personal identification information, including full legal name, physical address, and date of birth to enable us to perform a comprehensive background check. This background check will include but is not limited to, criminal history, sex offender registry, and other relevant public records. We will keep all personal identification and background check information confidential and secure.
  • We reserve the right to deny membership to any individual whose background check reveals information that is not consistent with our gym’s values of safety, respect, and integrity. In addition, we reserve the right to revoke membership for any member whose background check is inconsistent with these values. We believe that this policy is in the best interest of our members and their safety.

These policies are subject to change. Managers/Owners reserve the right to waive policies at any time. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these policies so that we can maintain a clean, safe, and welcoming environment for all of our members. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to a member of our staff.

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